martedì, Luglio 27, 2021

Afghanistan, 300 flying hours for Italian Agusta Mangusta


Technicians of the Task Group Fenice of TAAC-W successfully completed the turnover of an A129 “Mangusta” (Mongoose in Italian) which, at the end of its operational cycle of 300 hours in Afghanistan, was embarked on a Lockheed C-130J of the Italian Air Force.

In its place, from the same C-130, a new A129 was unloaded 9 from 3° Reggimento di Sostegno Aviazione of Italian Army “Aquila” which represent the new Polo Tecnico Logistico (P.T.L.) for A129 component.

Over the next few days, technicians from TG Fenice will be tasked in the reconditioning of the helicopter that has just arrived in the Theater.

An operation of extreme accuracy that involves the reassembly of numerous components that were dismounted to reduce the dimensions of the helicopter to allow loading on board the aircraft.

The A129, at the end of this reconditioning, will execute a trial flight which will give the “operational” status and the restoration of the full efficiency of the fleet in the Theatre.

The entire operation of turnover between the two helicopters was made possible thanks to the excellence cooperation between the technicians of the Task Force Fenice and the personnel of the JATF of the Italian Air Force. The collaboration, started several days before loading, was fundamental for the correct logistic and document management of the entire process, as well as for the handling of all the materials involved.

This synergy has thus allowed the entire helicopter replacement operation to be carried out quickly, safely and in compliance with the regulations related to the Covid-19 emergency.

The A129 is a fundamental asset of TAAC-W HQ as a Force Protection measure, able to support the safety of the contingent, and is constantly used both as an escort to the NH90 during medical evacuation missions of wounded personnel (MED-EVAC) and in the complex search and rescue operations of isolated personnel (Personnel Recovery) in favor of the forces of the Coalition.

The Train Advise Assist Command West (TAAC-W) is, as part of the NATO Resolute Support mission, an Italian-led multinational unit, based on the Folgore Paratrooper Brigade under the command of Brigadier General Beniamino Vergori and operates with the goal of contributing to training, assistance and advice for the Afghan security forces in the western region of the country.

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