A second S-400 missile regiment for China

Russia has concluded procurement of a second S-400 Triumf (Triumph) missile system regimental set to China via maritime transport. The handover certificate was signed in December in China.

Procurement of a second S-400 regimental set consisting of two divisions of launch devices, radiolocation stations, energy and service equipment, spare parts and instruments to China has been completed. China also received more than 120 advanced anti-aircraft guided missiles of two types.

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S-400 contract with China 

China became the first foreign buyer of Russia’s most advanced S-400 Triumph surface-to-air missile systems. Russia signed a contract with China on the delivery of two regimental sets of S-400 in 2014. 

The first regimental set of S-400 was delivered to China in the spring of 2018. The Chinese military successfully test-fired the missile launchers and hit an aerodynamic and a ballistic target. 

S-400 long-and medium-range surface-to-air missile system

S-400 Triumph (NATO reporting name: SA-21 Growler) is the latest long-and medium-range surface-to-air missile system that went into service in 2007. It is designed to destroy aircraft, cruise and ballistic missiles, and can also be used against ground installations.

The S-400 can engage targets at a distance of up to 400 km and at an altitude of up to 30 km under intensive enemy fire and jamming. 


Russia’s state armament program stipulates the purchase of 56 S-400 battalions by 2020, which will allow rearming 28 Russian two-battalion surface-to-air missile regiments. By now, the Russian Army has deployed 53 S-400 battalions in 23 regiments and two training centers. 

Russia has signed delivery contracts for S-400 systems with China, Turkey and India (the deliveries are expected in late 2020). 

Source TASS

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