giovedì, Dicembre 1, 2022

At Caselle, Leonardo delivered the first two Eurofighter Typhoons to the Kuwaiti Air Force

Leonardo has delivered the first pair of Eurofighter Typhoon fighter bombers to the Kuwaiti Air Force.

The handover ceremony took place in the presence of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to Italy, Sheikh Azzam Al-Sabah, and the top management of the Al-Quwwat al-Jawwiyya al-Kuwaytiyya or Kuwait Air Force and the Kuwaiti Air Force.

The two aircraft will take off for Kuwait next week and will be the first Typhoons to be equipped with the Captor-E Mod.0 radar developed by Leonardo.

In 2015, Kuwait ordered 28 Eurofighter Typhoon fighter-bombers from Italy; they represent at the moment, the most modern version ever, being equipped not only with the AESA Captor-E Mod.0 electronically scanned radar, but also with the Praetorian Defensive Aids subsystem.

The Italian Air Force has actively contributed to the development and integration of the Captor-E Mod.0 on the Typhoon, providing manpower and means for the relevant activities.

The contract provides for the supply of 22 single-seat and six two-seat aircraft, logistical support, operational support, and the upgrading of infrastructure necessary for operations for at least three years; the training of flight crews and ground personnel is provided by the Air Force for a period of twenty years. KAF pilots train in Italy between Lecce-Galatina and Decimomannu at the International Flight Training School facilities, initially on the T-345HET aircraft and later on the more advanced T-346A.

The Typhoon aircraft belong to Tranche 3/A and feature all the improvements foreseen by the P3Eb package for the use of advanced air-to-air missiles such as MBDA’s long-range Meteor (BVR) and air-to-ground armament for long-range attacks with precision guidance, including the Storm Shadow cruise missile and the Brimstone multi-role missile.

For precision strikes, the KAF Typhoons will feature the Lockheed Martin Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod (ATP), a proven electro-optical targeting system housed in a single lightweight pod that, in addition to targeting, enables intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions in the land, sea and air domains.

The delivery of the first pair of aircraft was hailed by Ambassador Sheikh Azzam Al-Sabah as a very important step in the collaboration between Kuwait and Italy, which opens up broad scenarios for military, industrial, economic and cultural partnerships between the two countries.

Photo: Kuwait News Agency