Spanish companies ESCRIBANO Mechanical & Engineering (ESCRIBANO), GMV and SENER Aeroespacial have signed a Partnership Agreement to work together to develop and spearhead solutions in the area of missile systems and other high-performance guided munitions, as part of the SMS initiative recently launched by SENER Aeroespacial.

This thus continues the process of consolidating a new national industrial actor that brings together the combined capabilities and experiences of the three companies. As a result, the national industry is in a position to undertake national and international programs in the area of missile systems in the best possible conditions. The goal is to help improve efficiency and maximize the economic, industrial and technological returns on the public investment needed to obtain and maintain costly missile systems during their long-life cycles. This initiative enhances Spain’s industrial defense fabric by reducing fragmentation and promoting technological specialization in a strategic industrial sector.

For ESCRIBANO, this is a great example of national industrial collaboration to cover a new and innovative strategic capacity, such as the missile systems sector at a national level, one that is of interest to our Armed Forces.

In the words of Angel Escribano, ESCRIBANO’s CEO: “This project will unite the capabilities and technologies of three national companies that are leaders both in Spain and internationally, in order to provide a means to create a new pillar, previously non-existent in Spain, namely the missile sector. We at ESCRIBANO will provide our experience in the guidance and navigation of intelligent munitions and include vision technologies in the visible and infrared spectrum.”

Manuel Pérez Cortés, General Manager of Defense and Security at GMV, explains: “This initiative is an example of collaboration between Spanish companies, which are combining their knowledge in a crucial area for our Armed Forces, that of missile systems. GMV offers, in addition to its capabilities as an integration company, its experience in key technologies such as guidance, navigation and control, command and control for fire support, along with other cross-cutting technologies such as simulation and critical software engineering.”

Rafael Orbe, SENER Aeroespacial’s General Manager of Defense, notes: “It’s a great accomplishment for us to have two companies as prestigious as ESCRIBANO and GMV join our project, which is already a common project. At SENER Aeroespacial, we were convinced that our initiative would elicit a response, and we firmly believe that this is a great opportunity for the defense industry to unite and play our part in the country’s recovery.”

According to Fernando Mato, General Manager of SMS: “We are delighted to have ESCRIBANO and GMV join our initiative, since both are leading companies in their respective areas, and they will bring extensive capabilities and experience in guidance and navigation, command and control, systems integration and more, which complements those provided by SENER Aeroespacial. Starting today, we will work together, in a long-term industrial cooperation scenario, on the process of modernizing the industrial defense fabric and integrating national capabilities, which will allow us to help reindustrialize the country and ensure its strategic autonomy. Most of all, it will give our Armed Forces the best possible systems they need in order to carry out their valuable work.”

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