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Escribano Mechanical & Engineering integrates its RWS GUARDIAN in the new Armored Vehicles for the Bulgarian Armed Forces


The Spanish leading defense and engineering company Escribano Mechanical & Engineering has integrated successfully the first four GUARDIAN Remote Weapon Systems (RWS) for the Bulgarian MoD.

These RWS has been integrated in the 4×4 Armored Vehicles produced by SAMEL-90 for the Bulgarian Special Operations Forces. In the coming months another eight GUARDIAN RWS are being expected to be incorporated.

Especially designed to be integrated on a vast range of platforms and vehicles, the GUARDIAN system provides excellent capabilities for short and mid-range defence. At the same time, it has an optimal accuracy when firing due to a newly designed stabilized system in two axes. This system is linked to the latest technology on electrooptical systems from EM&E, which allows detection, recognition, and identification of targets at a higher range than its competitors.

Highly customizable because of its modular architecture, this RWS is an excellent solution against asymmetric threats, and it can operate in extreme conditions. This design makes maintenance easier and increases its reliability. 

Speaking on the occasion, Ángel Escribano, CEO, said: This contract represents a great milestone for our company showing that the Spanish Defense Industry is a strong and safe partner.

ESCRIBANO M&E manufactures and designs its products with a clear commitment to offering the most innovative and creative solutions for the defense sector consolidating its international presence.

About de ESCRIBANO Mechanical and Engineering

ESCRIBANO M&E is a Spanish company with full technological, engineering development and manufacturing capacities, that produces integral electro-optical systems, remote weapon stations and ammunition guidance kits for rockets and artillery fire.

ESCRIBANO M&E has established a wide range of small and mid-size caliber Remote Weapon Stations integrating them into different land and naval-based platforms. These systems have a modular design and capability to integrate different kind of weapons, as well as external systems and sensors, providing an adaptable and versatile solution for missions in different environments.

Thanks to its strong capabilities and its investment in the latest technologies, ESCRIBANO M&E is a major-class industrial player with presence in more than 15 countries.

ESCRIBANO M&E also works on the design of dual-use technologies applied to the civil use.

Source Escribano M&E

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