ESCRIBANO Mechanical & Engineering and Thales sign an agreement to collaborate and offer a joint solution for threat neutralisation in the naval and land-based C-UAS field

ESCRIBANO Mechanical & Engineering, a leading Spanish company in defence and security innovation and technology, and Thales, a European technology leader in defence, cybersecurity, digital security and aerospace, today signed an agreement at Eurosatory to accelerate the joint commercialisation of a solution based on ESCRIBANO’s remotely operated weapon stations and Thales’ launchers and missiles, in order to offer a cutting-edge European solution on the international market.

With this agreement, the two companies are joining their capabilities to take advantage of the international business opportunities that are emerging in both the naval and terrestrial sectors, and to offer a cutting-edge product to respond to current threats such as drones and swarms.

To this end, the SENTINEL Rocket has been developed, a new system that combines the latest technology in ESCRIBANO remote stations, characterised by gyrostabilized systems on two axes and equipped with an electro-optical system, with the Thales rocket launcher, which has a high propulsion speed, a range of up to 3 km and the ability to launch over 8000 balls creating a steel cloud.

ESCRIBANO’s Business Development Director, Jocxan Bojorquez, said: “The current context has highlighted the need to focus on innovation and promote new developments to address new threats. Without doubt, the combination of the technological and industrial capabilities of both companies has resulted in a product at the forefront of technology”.

Thales Belgium’s Rocket System Domain Director, Thomas Colinet, added: “Today, we are delighted to settle our partnership with ESCRIBANO to integrate our 70mm rocket systems on their equipment, supporting European effort to strengthen European industries”.

This partnership agreement is in line with the European Union’s Defence and Security Policy, which promotes the strengthening of the European defence industrial base. In an environment of increasing threats, there is a growing need to rationalise investments and gain capabilities through cooperation between European companies.  

Source and photo @ESCRIBANO Mechanical & Engineering SA

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