Fire drill for heavy and medium mortars from the Pinerolo Brigade

Fire drill for heavy and medium mortars from the “Pinerolo” Brigade

The firing of heavy and medium mortars was carried out in the Torre Nebbia range.

The exercise was performed by the 82nd “Torino” Infantry Regiment, unit under the Italian Army “Pinerolo” Brigade allocated in Puglia.

La partenza della bomba
VBM Freccia mortar carrier with 120mm Thompson

The training activity was used to enable the staff of the Supporting Company to use the new VBM “Freccia” mortar carrier vehicle.

The new VBM “Freccia” mortar carrier go to replace the obsolete M-106 mortar carriers armed with a 120mm caliber smooth core mortar.

The semi-automatic mortar used is the French Thompson-Brandt 2R2M. It is derived from the MO-120-RT-61 already supplied to the Italian Army.

Even the 81mm medium EXPAL mortars were used by the staff in order to increase the ability to use both weapon systems.

Tiri con mortaio da 81mm
81mm EXPAL medium mortar

The recent assignment of the VBM “FRECCIA” mortar carrier, equipped with a Thomson 120 mm rifled core weapon system, is part of the Forza NEC project. Forza NEC is an acronym for Force Network Enabled Capabilities.

Fire drill for heavy and medium mortars from the "Pinerolo" Brigade
Fire drill for heavy and medium mortars from the “Pinerolo” Brigade

This system, characterized by a great capacity for mobility, speed of deployment, precision and protection, increases the means of a medium infantry regiment, significantly improving its “combat” capabilities.

The Forza NEC project, a joint Defense-Industry project, aims to reduce communication and information acquisition times in military operations by means of new information technologies capable of connecting every single soldier on the network, directly and immediately land with the Command and Control center.

for more information read http://www.esercito.difesa.it/comunicazione/Pagine/Tiri-con-VBM-Freccia-Portamortaio_191017.aspx

Photo Italian Army

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