domenica, Maggio 28, 2023

German Air Force delegation visits Italian Air Force

Left: Gen. Alberto Rosso – Right: Gen. Ingo Gerhatz

Between 21 and 22 October, a delegation from the German Air Force, headed by Chief of the Air Force Lieutenant General Ingo Gerhatz, visited the Italian air force bases of Rome and Lecce.
The last meeting between the two European air forces was held over four years ago.

On 21 October, in Palazzo Aeronautica, the Italian air force headquarters, the Chief of Staff of the Italian Air Force, General Alberto Rosso, met Lt. Gen. Ingo Gerhatz. During the meeting they discussed the link between the two air forces and the possibility to set up new partnership on common platforms such as Tornado or Eurofighter.

The second day, the german representative was received by General Aurelio Colagrande, Comandante delle Scuole and Terza Regione Aerea who explained to them the training program of the Italian Air Force and the new formed International Flight Training School.

General Gerhatz flew on board a T-346A Master, the most advanced trainer of the Italian Air Force, from Lecce Air Force Base. The flight simulated simple ad complex scenary.

Photo Credits: Italian Air Force – 5° Reparto