Israel’s Armed Forces have been given orders to prepare for an upcoming confrontation with Iran

The situation in the Middle East between Israel and Iran seems to be precipitating towards an open armed clash of vast proportions.

The Minister of Defense of Israel Benny Gantz in visit to Washington would have communicated to the Biden Administration that the Government would have given the order to the IDF to prepare for an imminent confrontation with Iran.

The decision would have matured on the basis of the intelligence reports and for the non positive course of the formal and informal negotiations on the Iranian nuclear that have not brought to tangible results.

The Biden Administration is following the situation with growing concern and agrees with the Tel Aviv Government to reinforce the military equipment present in the Middle East to face heavy escalations.

In addition, Minister Gantz and Secretary of Defense Austin have agreed to hold joint exercises in anticipation of a possible attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.

For its part, Iran has publicly threatened heavy reactions in case the facilities at the center of the dispute are attacked.

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