Italy sends aid to Albania


The Italian Government, after the quake that brought down hundreds of buildings in Albania, has decided to send experts, material and logistic support to the Albanian population.

arrivo primo team a Tirana
Italian Air Force P-180

The Italian Armed Forces have offered a Lockheed Martin C-130J, a Piaggio P-180, an AugustaWestland UH139 and a Boeing CH-47 to transfer the assets of the Protezione Civile (Civil Protection) and Vigili del Fuoco (Fire fighters) to Durres, Albania. The Navy has sent a naval unit and a helicopter to be used to support rescuers.

OPV Dattilo

The Italian Coast Guard sent his offshore patrol vessel “Dattilo” loaded with trucks and vehicles.

Italian Civil Protection and Fire fighters have higly trained the rescuers especially in rescue operations after an eartquake. The italian effort includes search and rescue teams, medical staff and SAR dogs.


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