Italy will upgrade MBT Ariete C1 with 980 million euro program

The long awaited modernization of the Main Battlefield Tank (MBT) Ariete C1 of the Italian Army is now officially arrived with a budget of 980 million euro.

In the recent approved Documento Programmatico Pluriennale 2022-2024 (Multiyear Programmatic Document) the Italian Ministry of Defense allocates enough funds to complete che update and upgrade of 125 C1 Ariete MBTs.

The program is aimed at maintaining operations and the security conditions of the armored component of the Army by means of the modernization of no. 125 Aries MBT, which one fundamental interim solution, with a view to development and future acquisition of a new Main Ground Combat System, presumably through forms of cooperation with other European countries.

The program is aimed at increasing tactical mobility and the safety conditions of the crews a on board the wagons and to ensure use in operating theaters characterized by a high level of threat. In particular, the main interventions will concern the mobility, engagement, safety and interoperability sectors. The program capitalizes and constitutes a continuation than what was developed in the so-called phase 1 started with the SMD Ministerial Decree 29/2019 aimed at the realization of 3 prototypes modernized, starting with 3 Ariete tanks already in inventory.

The program is planned to be financed from the budget of the Ministry of Defense by means of the resources brought from:

  • “required” chapters for € 379.82 million;
  • fund referred to in Article 1 paragraph 140 of the 2017 LdB for € 24.31 million;
  • fund as per article 1 co. 1072 of the 2018 LdB for € 96.67 million;
  • fund referred to in art. 1 co. 14 of the LdB 2020 for € 348.00 million.

The program has an overall forecasting requirement of € 980.0 million of which it is currently financed one share starts for € 848.8 million distributed in 12 years.

Fiscal Year2022202320242025-20272028-2034Total
Cost (million euro)—–26,9347,98276,89497848
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