Leonardo at the first edition of the World Defense Show 2022

International aerospace, defence and security company Leonardo is exhibiting at the first edition of the World Defense Show 2022 (WDS – Riyadh, 6-9 March), presenting its crossdomain capabilities and technological solutions to attendees from the Gulf Region and beyond.

The widespread presence of the Italian-headquartered company Leonardo at this new exhibition includes an impressive layout of four stands representing its cross-domain offer (Hall 1, stand G9.1 and within the static area Pad F). In addition to the company’s legacy with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Hall 2, stand Q18), where Leonardo has an established presence in country with offices and a subsidiary based in Riyadh; and a further focus on the company’s UK (Hall1, stand J37) and US (Hall 1, stand N2) businesses.

Leonardo is exhibiting key technologies designed to deliver high levels of safety in complex, multidomain environments, including SPS 732 long range costal surveillance radar, RAT 31 DL digital surveillance and long-range air defence radar, and the Kronos Grand Naval multifunctional radar, equipped with Leonardo’s advanced AESA technology which can simultaneously track multiple targets.

Leonardo is able to provide full suites, radars and sensors for all aerial platforms, including the BriteCloud active expendable decoy and the Miysis DIRCM (Directed Infrared Countermeasure), the SAGE system for RF intelligence and reconnaissance missions and the Osprey 30 multi-domain AESA radar.

In the land domain, Leonardo is presenting its highly effective, highly accurate Vulcano 155mm longrange ammunition, available in BER (Ballistic Extended Range) and GLR (Guided Long Range) variants, and being capable of reaching distances up to 70 km. Also marketed at the show is the Type 163 LTD (Laser Target Designator), for those looking for a lightweight, compact and high-energy laser designator. More than 800 systems have already been delivered to 27 international customers, including the Australian Defence Force, which recently ordered a second batch.

Leonardo DRS, the Leonardo US arm, is ready to present at the exhibition its battle management systems, on-board vehicle power systems and EO-IR technologies (weapon scopes and mounted systems).

Leonardo’s offer includes state-of-the-art UAS (Uncrewed Aerial Systems) and C-UAS (Counter Uncrewed Aerial Systems), for civil and military applications. These include the Falco Xplorer UAS, which is ideally suited to border control and information gathering in a range of scenarios, and the rotary-wing AWHero, a dual-use platform, which can perform civil and defence operations day and night, over land and sea. Full customised Leonardo’s C-UAS systems, military qualified but easily and quickly deployable also in civil contexts, have already been supplied to the UK’s Royal Air Force and to the Italian and US Armed Forces.

Leonardo is a key partner on many important complex and strategic defence programs. This includes the Eurofighter Typhoon (with the company leading the delivery of over 60% of the on-board avionics), Eurodrone (recently contracted by OCCAR), and the company is actively engaged in the Tempest FCAS international programme, due to go into service in 2035, with both its UK and Italy businesses.

Among Leonardo’s fixed-wing aircraft programmes present at WDS, the C-27J Spartan is exhibited at the static area (Pad F), still unrivalled in its category in terms of mission flexibility, in its Next Generation version it features comprehensive new avionics and aerodynamic developments, for improved operational efficiency and even better performance. Leonardo will brief journalists on C-27J Next Generation on 8th March at 2:00 PM (Hall 1, stand G9.1).

Also on show is the M-346 – the most advanced solution for training pilots destined for new generation fighters. Its state-of-the-art training system, including Live Virtual Constructive, contributes to the ability of the aircraft to reproduce the most complex operational scenarios. The M-346 training system, the backbone of the IFTS (International Flight Training School) made by Leonardo and Italian Air Force, is attracting customers in the Gulf and beyond. The new fighter-attack version of the aircraft, already delivered to its first international customer, is a radar-equipped effective multirole light combat platform that maintains all its training capabilities.

In regions like Europe, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, there are several opportunities for the AW159 and AW149 defence helicopters. The AW159 is highly effective in maritime missions through its modular equipment, which enhances its true multi-role capability. It is an affordable, modern and agile platform for Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), Anti-Surface Warfare (ASuW) roles up to Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR), Maritime Interdiction,Search and Rescue (SAR) operations. The latest-generation AW149 8.6 tonne medium multirole helicopter provides the flexibility requested of a modern battlefield support helicopter, and executes all required missions with unequalled cost-effectiveness.

The Leonardo technologies on show are also relevant to cross-domain interoperability, including the Cyber & Security domain, where Leonardo positions itself as a world leader in the supply of complete and integrated solutions. At WDS, Leonardo is presenting its technologies and proprietary platforms to support national critical infrastructure security and the training of cyber security operators, enhancing the capability to assess the security of the systems and respond effectively to cyberattacks, while also supporting the digitalization of core defence processes. Leonardo will brief journalists on its cyber capabilities on 8 th March at 10:15 AM (Hall 1, stand G9.1).

Investing in innovation and disruptive technologies, Leonardo aims to contribute to global security and progress, as stated in its “Be Tomorrow – 2030” strategic plan. In this context, Leonardo recently launched the Business Innovation Factory (leonardoaccelerator.com), an accelerator open to innovative start-ups and talented founders, from Europe and the Middle East.

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