OCCAR and EUROSAM sign the amendment for the production of Thales GF-300 and Leonardo Kronos Grand Mobile High Power radars for SAMP/T New Generation missile system

Last December 1, 2021, the Director of OCCAR, Matteo Bisceglia, on behalf of the French DGA and the Italian SGD/DNA, and the CEO of EUROSAM, Eva Bruxmeier, signed the Amendment No. 9 to the Sustainment & Enhancement (S&E) contract, concerning the production of the French (GF-300 by Thales) and Italian (Kronos Ground Mobile High Power by Leonardo) radars for the SAMP/T New Generation missile system.

In addition, Amendment No. 9 also provides for the production of new Aster telemetry equipment (CTME NT), developed in the same S&E contract, for the training needs of the Armed Forces concerned (Armèe de l’Air et de l’Espace, Italian Army, Marine Nationale and Italian Navy).

In this context, France and Italy had already strengthened their cooperation in the field of air defense by launching the development of the SAMP/T NG, communicated with the Amendment n°7 of March 2021, which will have to meet the joint requirements of the French ADA and the Italian Army.

Therefore, the signature of this further amendment constitutes the third fundamental “pillar” (in addition to amendment no. 8 concerning the Mid Life retrofit of the Aster missiles, notified last June) of a complex and articulated S&E contractual framework, finalized by the PD FSAF-PAAMS and the GIE EUROSAM in less than a year. As a result, the S&E contract is now globally valued at more than €2.5 billion.

All stakeholders, at Government, OCCAR (Central Office and FSAF-PAAMS PD) and Industry level, have actively contributed with the highest professionalism and a cooperative approach to achieve such significant and strategic goals in the interest of the Nations and for the further development of the European Defence Industry.

In the Italian Army the Kronos Ground Mobile High Power radars by Leonardo will take the place of the current Arabel.

The new Kronos GM HP radars significantly extend the surveillance, tracking and targeting capability, and increase the possibility to engage air targets of various types as well as missiles.

The Italian Army will modernize the five existing SAMP-T batteries and complete the sixth battery which is currently used only for training functions.

In addition to modernizing the existing Aster 30 missiles, the Italian Army will purchase Aster 30 Block 1 NT missiles capable of engaging ballistic missiles.

Source: OCCAR

Photo: Leonardo S.p.A.

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