OPENSIGHT and LIFESEEKER combine to enhance efficiency in search and rescue missions

The integration of OPENSIGHT- Software Development Kit (sdk) with DJI drones ushers in a new era for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), elevating them into STANAG-Compliant sensors with state-of-the-art capabilities.

This innovative integration enhances situational awareness and optimizes SAR results by seamlessly combining data from Lifeseeker, the airborne phone location system by CENTUM and FlySight’s OPENSIGHT technologies. Moving maps and augmented reality functionalities within a tablet ground control station – OPENSIGHT-mission console (mc).

All information is transmitted in the OPENSIGHT-mc augmented reality environment and displayed directly on the operator’s tablet screen, providing a user-friendly interface with the overlaying multiple synthetic information layers directly onto the live video feed.

Lifeseeker compatibility significantly enhances geolocation performance during SAR operations, even in challenging low or no visibility conditions. The information collected by Lifeseeker is relayed to the OPENSIGHT engine in real-time, creating an optimal situational awareness for the operator. This enhancement expedites and maximizes the efficiency of recovery operations.

Héctor Estévez, CEO of CENTUM, said: “This partnership with FlySight is a testament to our commitment to saving lives and making a difference in critical situations. By integrating our Lifeseeker technology with the OPENSIGHT Software Development Kit, we’re not only enhancing the capabilities of DJI drones, but also expanding our reach to helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. We are pushing the boundaries of technology to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of search and rescue operations.”

“We are excited to join forces with CENTUM to bring this cutting-edge technology to search and rescue missions- said Mattia Carpin, Head of Engineering of FlySight -. Our integrated solution empowers operators with unparalleled capabilities, enabling them to respond effectively and efficiently to emergencies and critical situations. This collaboration between OPENSIGHT and LIFESEEKER is poised to set a new standard in the world of search and rescue operations, harnessing the power of DJI drones to make a real difference when it matters most”.

OPENSIGHT Mission Console is specifically designed to support payload operators in airborne scenarios, with the aim to conduct the mission more smoothly and efficiently. An Augmented Reality engine, capable of handling multiple high resolution video flows, improves the geospatial situational awareness of the operator by the superposition of multiple synthetic information layers Gone are the days of switching to a separate moving map interface. The OPENSIGHT Mission Console presents all mission-critical information directly on the video stream, significantly enhancing overall mission effectiveness. Key features of the OPENSIGHT-mc include:

• Advanced video processing algorithms for image enhancement (equalization, expansion, saturation, dehazing, fog suppression, super resolution)

• Augmented Reality engine for real-time vector overlay super-imposition (works with custom user data)

• 3D Moving map with multiple layers support and real-time video-over-map projection

• Geodatabase functionality for direct and inverse geocoding

• Intuitive full touchscreen HMI for quick and effective interaction with the operator

• Automatic target detection and classification (Artificial Intelligence networks specialized for maritime and airborne threats)


Airborne phone location system for SAR, capable of accurately locating missing persons through their mobile phones – even in areas with no network coverage and under adverse weather conditions. It can be used on both manned (planes and helicopters) and unmanned aerial platforms (UAVs/drones).

This device turns phones into emergency beacons that quickly guide Search and Rescue teams to the exact location of the missing person. Lifeseeker maximizes missions in which every second counts by efficiently locating the person in need.


The FlySight team provides solutions for the design and development of state-of-the-art C4ISR systems (Command, Control, Computer, Communication for Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance). The solutions proposed are based on AI (Artificial Intelligence) approaches exploiting the latest cognitive signal processing and adaptive data fusion algorithms. Our applications are researched and targeted for avionics, naval and underwater sectors, providing geospatial situational awareness both for the on-ground and the on-board segments. Real-time PED (Processing Exploitation and Dissemination) is allowed by the integration of our products in already existing architectures thanks to the interoperability of our systems with STANAG and OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) standards. Moreover, the adoption of Deep Learning methodologies coupled to Augmented Reality enables the definition of disruptive ISTAR (Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance) systems.


CENTUM is an innovative engineering group with operations in Spain and Germany and more than 15 years of experience in the development of products, services and solutions for communication, control, and signal intelligence applications. CENTUM designs, develops, and markets best-of-breed aeronautical mission systems for both manned and unmanned aircraft in the fields of emergency, security and defence, maximizing results in operations such as search and rescue, maritime surveillance, firefighting, emergency communications, and border control. Furthermore, it supports its customers in the integration and throughout the whole lifecycle by a highly qualified engineering team, with the clear purpose of improving people’s lives.

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