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STC for the EpiShuttle on aircraft type CL-600 obtained by FAI


FAI has obtained supplementary type certification (STC) for the EpiShuttle on the aircraft type CL-600 after undergoing comprehensive tests on flammability, rapid decompression, and patient evacuation. The test was passed without any complaints or remarks.

Since FAI has installed the EpiShuttle in the Bombardier Challenger 604 on a Spectrum Aeromed MedBase with a fixed adaption to a Spectrum Aeromed Cargo Stretcher, they no longer considered the EpiShuttle to be “loose equipment” compared to other mobile medical equipment.

Due to this FAI wanted to obtain an STC for the CL-600-2B16 aircraft that included the EpiShuttle.

We are glad to see that FAI has obtained STC for the CL-600-2B16 aircraft, an excellent aircraft for the transfer of infected patients with the EpiShuttle. We appreciate all time and resources the brilliant team at FAI Air Ambulance has put into the certification process. This shows that the EpiShuttle meets the requirements for an STC” says Ellen Cathrine Andersen, CEO in EpiGuard.

Passed comprehensive testing

FAI in coordination with EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and a development company defined the requirements for the STC and necessary test procedures was developed.

The EpiShuttle went through comprehensive and challenging tests during the certification process. All the test procedures were carried out without any complaint and the STC was issued and granted by the EASA” says Nico Raab, Medical Operations Manager in FAI Air Ambulance (FAI rent-a-jet GmbH).

The EpiShuttle had to undergo three different tests during the process, flammability test, rapid decompression test and patient evacuation.

The flammability test examined how easily the built-in material ignited, how quickly they burn and how they react when burned. The tests showed that there was neither combustion or smelting or drop formation in the test bodies.

Second, they tested the behavior of the EpiShuttle in the event of a sudden drop in pressure, a so-called rapid decompression test. In the event of a sudden drop in pressure in the aircraft, it must be ensured that all components can withstand the forces acting in order to avoid contamination of the environment. The behavior of the EpiShuttle where tested and simulated in a pressure chamber in an approved test laboratory. The test showed no damage or functional restrictions on the components of the EpiShuttle nor the attachments.

The last test the device had to undergo was a patient evacuation. According to specifications, it had to be possible to evacuate a patient within 90 seconds in an emergency. During the test the patient was evacuated by FAI employees within 56 second.

After the employees and the device had completed all the test, EASA concluded that it met all the requirements and without any complaints.

– The certification make way for STC on the CL-600 on other continents as well it also shows that it is possible for other companies and aircrafts to obtain an STC, says Ellen Cathrine Andersen, CEO in EpiGuard.

FAI Air Ambulance invested a total of € 57,000 in the individual test procedures.

About EpiGuard

EpiGuard is a Norwegian company established in 2015 providing better solutions for safe transportation of contagious patients.

Our team of medical experts and engineers developed the EpiShuttle based on analysis and clinical first-hand experience from previous global epidemics.

Our medical background ranges from intensive care, infectious diseases, internal medicine and anesthesiology, and transport medicine.

EpiShuttle improves patient safety and care, the safety for health care providers, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

The EpiShuttle is NATOs stock listed and CE-marked as a class one medical device.

Saving one – protecting everyone“.

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