mercoledì, Ottobre 20, 2021

The Italian Army has completed the first instructor training course of the Calife 3 Detection GPR Plus georadar


The capabilities for the use of georadar technology of the Italian Army are being strengthened.

In fact, the qualification course for instructor operators of the Calife 3 Detection GPR Plus system at the “Gen. Amico” barrack, seat of the 21st Engineers Regiment.

The Calife 3 Detection GPR Plus equips the medium multirole tactical vehicle (VTMM) “Orso” built by Iveco Defense Vehicles, and allows its use on the occasion of “route clearance” missions, for the clearance of mines and improvised explosive devices of (IED) routes followed by national and Coalition convoys.

The GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) technology allows the engineers to explore large portions of the subsoil, identifying in a short time any electromagnetic discontinuities detected under the surface of roads and tracks to improve the ability to identify any improvised explosive devices.

The 21st Engineers Regiment Guastatori is part of the “Garibaldi” Bersaglieri Brigade and has organized a training hub to increase the ability to use the georadar system.
It is the first engineering department to be able to train military personnel qualified to use the Calife 3 Detection GPR Plus.

The radar penetrating the ground is the Visor 2500 which is capable of detecting buried mines and IEDs and providing the operator inside the vehicle with a 2 or 3D image of the terrain, with software that works to recognize the nature of objects detected and minimize false alarm rates. The Calife 3 was developed in collaboration with MBDA Italy, based on the experience accumulated with the French Souvim system. The Italian Ministry of Defense, at the time, launched a program worth around 170 million euros to acquire 16 complete systems with an option for another 10 systems.

The Italian Army has launched the purchase of VTMM Orso for the creation of RCP assets (Route clearance package) suitable for making travel on communication routes safe; the cores consist of 5 VTMMs set up in 4 different versions, Decoy (RCP1), Detection (RCP 2), Confirmation (RCP3), and Observation (RCP4 and RCP5).

Source and photo of the Italian Army

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