sabato, Ottobre 16, 2021

The new italian “super submarine” (U212 Near Future Submarine)


The Italian Navy undisclosed some interesting details about the upgraded version of U-212 submarine, the U-212 NSF (Near Future Submarine).

The U-212 NFS will be two meters longer than U212A in order to improve the payload and logistic.

The lethality will grow thanks to the adoption of land attack missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles.

Leonardo, Selex and Elettronica will supply a new electronic warfare suite and a broadband communication system.

The combat system and sonar will use IA technologies.

The power plant will be revolutionised with new Li-Ion batteries (built in Italy) and an improved AIP system.

NSF update includes also a new electric system and the extended use of fluoropolymer materials in order to reduce the drag and mades the submarine quieter.

The total expenditure is estimated at 2,3 billions of euro for four submarines (1,3 billion of euro for the first two units – two options).

The first U121 NSF will be laid down during the 2020 and the second in 2021.

Photo (U212A): 80711-N-3285B-008 MAYPORT, Fla. The Italian air-independent propulsion (AIP) equipped submarine ITS Salvatore Todaro (S-526) prepares to pull into port at Naval Station Mayport, which marks the first visit of an Italian submarine to the U.S. since World War II. Todaro’s port visit is supporting the upcoming Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Strike Group joint task force exercise (JTFEX) and demonstrates the U.S. and Italian Navy’s continued commitment to building a strong working relationship. JTFEX is designed to test and evaluate a battle group’s reactions to multiple wartime scenarios and is the final certification for a battle group preparing to deploy.

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