Visit of the Hon. Erica Mazzetti to the Parachute Training Centre of Pisa

The Honorable Erica Mazzetti of Forza Italia and member of the VIII Commission, visited the Parachute Training Center of Pisa, Tuscan excellence, accompanied by Raffaella Bonsangue, Deputy Mayor of Pisa, and led by Colonel Gianni Copponi.

During the visit, concrete proposals emerged to further improve this excellence in the area. “The facilities deserve to be modernized with the aim also to improve energy efficiency and the welfare of the military. Just in terms of energy, the barracks is far behind: lack of insulation and thermal windows and heating still fueled by diesel fuel some of the critical points emerged and at a time when we are making progress in reducing environmental impact is no longer conceivable.

It is therefore necessary – he adds – to accelerate the transition to methane, currently expected by 2023. It must be brought forward. The issue of energy in military facilities, as well as most public buildings, is too often underestimated and that I will endeavor to bring to the attention of the Government and Ministers.”

The Hon. Erica Mazzetti will also confront with the Undersecretary Giorgio Mulè, sensitive and active in his role to all these structures, to evaluate the possibility of “accelerating the project of transforming the barracks into a National Interforce Center, a choice that could have beneficial effects on the capabilities of the Defense and the economy of Pisa and the region”.

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